Monday, October 25, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

Batman made an appearance at Blackbird today.  He wanted to make sure we truly had a great Fall selection in our store, like we claim.

He made the rounds, critiquing everything he saw.  Here are some of the things he really liked.
This ultra warm fleece sleep sack.  He really appreciated the fact that this cozy little number would keep sleeping babies warm all night.
He was also really into this pumpkin face that his friend made at our Halloween crafting sesh, we had here at Blackbird last week.
Being a great supporter of locally made products, he really loved these leather booties, made by Starry Knight Designs.  Starry Knight is based in Corvallis, MT.  
This Day of The Dead poster was a real hit with Batman.  He plans to be there for the parade, just in case any funny business goes down.
He is really into sensible footwear.  These new styles of Livie and Luca really caught his eye.

The only real crime he could accuse us of was not having a line of merino wool undergarments for chilly winter days.  So, we are on the search for such said items.  Any leads from our trusty customers???  We'd love to hear what you have found. 

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