Friday, December 3, 2010

Blackbird Advent: Day 3

The little black cat is peeking through the #3 window this December 3rd.  She is pretty cute, and looks cozy all tucked up into the window. 

Tonight we are hosting a special first Friday extravaganza.  First of all, it is a Pajama Party, which means if you bring toothbrushes, you can party down until bedtime, brush the littles teeth, and transport their sleeping bodies from the carseat into their beds when you get home!  No crying, tired little bodies to try to stuff into pajamas after a long day. 

Also, if you are a fan of Andy Smetanka's enchanting silhouette designs (who isn't), then you really should come on down,  because he will be taking orders for custom sihouette NIGHT LIGHTS!  They are magical, and make a perfect Christmas present for anyone.  I plan to give grandma and grandpa silhouette nightlights of their grandkids!  I know, right?

Also, a musically inclined friend of ours, Andrew Hunt, will be seeing tunes for kids to sing and dance along with.  Festivities start at 5pm!

Happy December 3rd!

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