Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So we've been doing some major crafting around these parts as of late. Yesterday we made: Raggedy Ann or Muppet depending on when you ask Asa, and Christmas cards out of recycled stuff. Last week I completed my first knitting project, a lovely blue hat for Axel. He looks really good in blue. And, perhaps most exciting for me are the elf slippers I made out of an old felted wool sweater. Seriously cute, warm, and CHEAP! It takes awhile so I won't be able to crank out as many as I'd like, but still. What does any of this have to do with Blackbird Kid Shop. Well, let me tell you. Lately, I have been a bit disgruntled about leaving home to come to the shop. It requires a lot of packing for two kids, plus it's colder now and home is just nice and comfy, and we have been having sooooo much fun crafting..... So, I decided to bring that same goodness to the store. We are gonna craft away here too!! What does this mean for you, the customer??? You can come down to the shop and craft with us!! I'm gonna start a weekly crafting thing here at the store. I'll keep you all posted on dates, after Thanksgiving. And, on that note, all of you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  1. Beautiful Joanna and kids!
    I love Axel's hat and your clever slippers!
    Consider Annie and I in (once finals come to an end=)