Friday, November 13, 2009

I can be your cowboy...

Axel is wearing a Cowboy Shirt by Kate Quinn Organics. It is oh so comfy and only $24!! The back is yoked, as you mayb or may not be able to see in this very blurry picture. Sorry 'bout that. I should mention he is playing with our Feeleez game in this picture. Locally made here in Missoula, Feeleez is a game that helps develop emotional intelligence. For more information visit

Our kids come to the shop with us each and every day that we are here. You would think that they would get soooooo bored. And, sometimes they do, but most of the time they keep themselves pretty well entertained. For intance, today Asa built a river scene out of stuff he found laying around the store. The white paper Blackbird sticker backings are the water/river, the boat that the little guy is on is actually a foam pad off of our hat rack, and the blue and yellow blocks are mountains off in the distance. See how much fun we have! Now come down here and visit us!!!

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