Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today is our birthday...

Wow. Two years ago today Blackbird opened it's doors. Seems like a decade ago in some ways. I was six months pregnant with Axel. Asa was only 2 1/2, Silas was barely a year old, just babes. Kia and I decided to open this sweet little store because we didn't want to be away from our children. We wanted to be able to work, and hopefully make an income, with our kids by our side. In frustrating moments I have to remind myself of this. I am so lucky to be able to have my kids there, even when they are screaming at customers, tearing clothing off of the hangers, or spilling food on the carpet for the tenth time that day. I get to be with them, which was all I really wanted. It's still all I want. Happy Birthday Blackbird Kid Shop. You make Missoula a little bit more awesome with your presence.

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